December 17, 2014


The Obama is the world's worst negotiator, at least when it comes to tyrants, murderers, and the enemies of freedom around the world. Dude sure loves Commie Bastards. There is no doubt a Democrat Party heart beats in his weak little chest.

We send open diplomatic relations, send back convicted spies against the US all in exchange for an international aid worker wrongly held in prison.  The US companies are not given back their assets stolen by the Castros.

Obama has just guaranteed the Castro regime and its successors remain in power for generations to come.

But I may be able to get Cuban cigars.  There is that.

Still, what a bad deal for America.

Dear World

You are already a better place.  Meet Chloe, my perfect granddaughter.

Now could you stop evil people from killing innocent kids in the name of religion?  I am pretty sure no god would smile on such barbarism.

December 16, 2014

Additional Commentary

Sometime today, most likely, my daughter will give birth to my first grandchild.  I am told it will be a little girl.

Life is good.

December 14, 2014

Sorta dazed and really confused

Obama's agenda and the Democrat party were repudiated overwhelmingly in the elections last month.  The Republicans were sent a clear message. Yet somehow the Republican leadership just joined hands with the Dems and passed a massive funding bill that covers the Government for the next year. As the White House told recalcitrant Dems, "why are you fighting, this bill gives you everything"? ObamaCare is funded. amnesty is funded. Phony Global Warming projects are funded.

This time next year the RINOs will claim it is too close to the next Presidential election to have that fight and government grows and grows.

I may not be the world's smartest guy, but I know corruption when it is shoved down my throat.

I feel like I just got kicked in the groin by an NFL punter who was wearing steel-toed boots.

December 13, 2014

This post needs a snappy title

Bark bark. The neighbor's dog has been barking nonstop for a half an hour now. Ah, life in the 'burbs. If they follow the usual pattern they will let it back in around 7:00.

You can't tell, but I am in a great mood. I have the day off! This is the second Saturday since July I have not worked. I am giving my notice to the part time gig when I go in on Sunday. I have worked pretty much 7 days a week for the past 4 or five months. I need a break. I made a handshake agreement when the big box retailer hired me to stay until Christmas, in exchange for him hiring me knowing I was seeking a better job.* I think I have fulfilled my commitment. Now I need to buy some serious man-toys before I lose my discount.

Well I'm off to refill they coffee mug, then I think I'll watch a movie. In fact, I might go buy a box of donuts for breakfast.

I hope you have a great day.

*boy is that a poorly written sentence. I think you get the gist.

December 12, 2014

TGIF And I'm not talking about the restaurant chain

Sorry. Time is against me. I can either read my usual stuff on the interwebz or write a post for you to read. The path of least resistance is to read. Historian Barbara Tuchman once wrote that"research is endlessly seductive, writing is hard work" and I guess that applies to my efforts around here.

I am certain it is evident by my prose, but most posts just flow from my brain to the keyboard. I have always written like that, even massive research papers in college. I would research, take notes, write facts, and study. After days, or weeks the narrative would just flow. I would write for hours, only stopping to insert a quote, a fact, to verify an important part. In general it took me only a bit longer to write a 20 page paper than it would take a person to read that same document out loud.

Creativity is an uncertain thing, and I have been a bit lax exercising it around here lately. If you care then I apologize. If you stop by only to see what idiotic blathering I share on a given day, then I offer up this train wreck of prosaic nonsense for your entertainment.

No Friday music. Boo hoo.

I hope you have a great day.

December 11, 2014

That sharp pain in my back the stab wound from the GOP. The new massive spending bill fully funds ObamaCare. It fully funds amnesty.  I see no austerity, few cuts, and more and more spending.

I am told that if I don't vote for a Republican, I will be voting for a Democrat.  It seems that if I vote for a Republican, I am still voting for a Democrat; albeit one who mouths the right words to get my future vote.

BOHICA conservatives Boehner is boning us again. Once again Lucy has snatched away the football.

December 8, 2014


The neighbors got a new puppy a couple of months ago. They put it outside every morning at 6 am. It barks constantly. Bark, bark, bark, bark. If I can hear it, I know they can. It is damn annoying. I don't blame the dog.  He went out, did his business and now he wants back in. It is the owners who are rude.

Do I ignore it?  Do I be that asshole neighbor? Do I live with it?
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