March 3, 2015

Dear Republicans

fuck you. I'm done

I will vote for anyone who runs against Susan Brooks in my district. At least they will represent their constituents.  The same goes for both my Senators who also voted for amnesty for criminals, all of them voted to let Obama usurp Congressional authority. They swore to uphold the Constitution, then let it be used like toilet paper.

The Republican leadership has voted with the money, not the voters.  Good luck in '17 you backstabbing losers.

Don't let the lying bastards tell you DHS would have shut down either, only non-essentials would have been sent home. And if they are essential,why are on the taxpayer dime anyway?  Fucking Boehner said last summer he wanted amnesty. Fucker got his wish.

Choices, chance, cheap

I chalk it up to the fortunes of life on the road. The hotel I booked last night is attached to a casino. I am not sure how that fact escaped me when I chose the location.

The people are nice, but the room is worn. Like all casinos the place has a peculiar scent to it, the smell of desperation, I suppose. Gambling dens in places not named Las Vegas always seem a bit seedy, no matter how nice they are.  To me they have the feel of a used car lot, the outside may look sharp, but someone got rid of that Buick for a reason. The chime of the quarter slots echoes as " Gimme your money" to my untrained ear. You opinion will likely vary. I am weak at math, but I do understand odds, and the building attached to the hotel is not there to give away money.

I did not meander over to the casino. I got in late, and have meetings scheduled this morning before heading north for another night in another hotel in another city.

March 2, 2015

Fool me once, fool me 26 times

Radical Muslims took over Iran 35 years ago. Their power has grown and they have solidified their hold on their nation in the intervening years. The Mullahs in Iran have made clear their intention to bring a modern Caliphate to the Mideast and the world. They have claimed since day one that in their view the two big enemies are the Great Satan and the Little Satan.  That would be the good old USA and Israel, respectively.  They have never wavered in their stated goal of destroying both of us.

For some up unfathomable reason Obama has made it his goal to develop relations with Iran. Everyone else in the world can see the consequences of letting the mad Mullahs get a nuke, but Obama seems blind to the danger to the U.S. and Israel. Just like the North Koreans, they have no incentive nor desire to be our buddies. They hate our very existence. They will say whatever they need to to get us to relieve sanctions while moving forward with their attempts to build a bomb. I would have thought Obama would have caught on to the old bully trick - "Just give me your lunch money today and I promise not to beat your ass tomorrow" . Then tomorrow comes and you get your jock pulled over your head.

I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I know trusting Iran is about the dumbest thing we could do. I am afraid John Kerry and Obama will be the 21st Century version of Neville Chamberlain.

Eight hard inches, Baby

Eight plus inches of snow. That is what fell yesterday. I went out to shovel and before I tossed a half dozen shovels my neighbor showed up with his snow blower and did me a real solid favor and cleaned my drive. How cool is that? I went out later in the afternoon and cleaned up the heap the plowman left at the end of the drive and cleaned off my car.

My daughter heads back to work after her post-baby leave. I am sure it will be tough this morning. The one upside is the wife assumes baby-sitting duties, so I will see lots of my granddaughter.  Of course she is just a boring bundle right now, but it won't be long till she is mobile, talking and playing. We can eat lunch together and I suspect we will be great pals.

I'm off to get my trusty company car serviced. I can't believe I have wracked up 10.000 miles since November first.

March 1, 2015

Head up the old rectum

I have had at least one kid in college for ten straight years. My youngest has at east one more year to go. As such every year when I fill out my tax forms, I segue right into the FAFSA. That is the application one must fill out to get any scholarships or financial aid.

Except somehow, I forgot to do it this year. I don't know how or why I forgot. Old age I guess. So now you know my plans for this snowy Sunday morning.

Government forms followed by shoveling snow.  It is good to be me.

On the bright side later this month marks my blog anniversary. I have been at this for ten years.I will have to look up he exact date of my first post, but I know it was in 2005. A lot of bloggers have come and gone from my sidebar over there on the right. Some of you have been at it longer. Some of you have more readers, butt none of you have better regulars. I am sure I will pontificate on the occasion later in the month.

Happy March. it is Jean's Birthday month over at Pondering.It is my birthday month. It is my blogaversary month. Spring is supposed to arrive in March. The month is coming in like a lion around here with Mother Nature dropping 4 or 5 inches of snow on us last night, I hope that means spring is a few weeks away.

February 27, 2015

I don't care what color the dress is

I need s vacation. Not from work, from winter. I need to sit on the patio, sipping a cold beverage burning silky tobacco rolled between the thighs of a Latin beauty in some Caribbean Island or Central American cigar factory. Shut up, I refuse to believe my stogie is rolled by the stubby fingers of a fat sweaty mamacita or wrinkled old man spitting phlegm between puffs of his factory second.

I stare out the office window at the snow-covered ground. I listen to the frigid wind and the creak of the siding. The sun is bright, but the air is cold.

Spring is coming. Summer will follow.  I am ready to bitch about the heat and humidity.

Choose your own adventure for today's Friday music selection.

February 26, 2015

Get your kicks on Route 66

The famous Route 66 is no more. I sped down its' replacement yesterday; Interstate 44. Slashing southwest across the state of Missouri, I-44 is as bland and devoid of character as any other highway in the Eisenhower interstate system. While I-44 covers some of the very ground of the legendary Route 66, it sports no wigwams , totem poles, stylized motels or roadside attractions. I-44 is also 4 lanes wide, paved, and devoid of stop lights, right angle turns, and 20 mph speed limits. I reached Springfield in a fraction of the time it would have taken me 60 years ago.

I am forever nostalgic for a time I never knew, but 7 or 8 hours of ass-numbing drive is better than spending three days in a car to get the same distance.

February 25, 2015

All for the working man

The Obama and his Democrat buddies are always boasting of their work on behalf of the working man and position themselves as champions of the middle class. Their words never seem to match their political deeds. We have a chance to create good, high paying Union construction jobs, bring cheap oil in a safe ecological-friendly manner and to reduce our dependence on foreign oil that helps fund terrorism. But Obama just vetoed the Keystone pipeline. Why? I'd say because a big Democrat donor does not like it. Special interest money flows to both parties. There is no other reason. The Canadians will not sit on the oil from the shale fields. The Chinese are oil-starved and will buy it for sure.

The fact that the Union bosses are silent demonstrates they are far more loyal to the Democrat Party than to the members of their Union. And you and I, we just got screwed by the Democrats one more time. We didn't even get dinner and a movie, just a quickie in the backseat of the car.

February 24, 2015

Dear Senate GOP


You are the worst negotiators ever. I would love to sit across a table from you. By the end of the day you would pay double the retail price, plus shipping, plus a penalty if you failed to buy a certain amount in a given period of my widgets. I suspect we would include automatic price increases. You Republicans are dolts.

Why would you surrender the only leverage you have in negotiation to end King Obama's amnesty decree? The President may be able to veto a bill, but he can't spend money if you do not give it to him.

How about this --  pass the DHS funding as the House sent over via Reconcilliation. Seems like something the Dems did not too long ago...

We need a third party with men and women of courage.  At least the Dems are willing to fight for their principles.
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