August 19, 2014


I may have to renounce my English Lit minor from college, but Walden is dreck. Just because it is loved and shoved by the back-to-nature hippies and college profs does not make it good reading.

Moby Dick is just unreadable.  The same goes for just about anything from Hawthorne.

August 18, 2014

Now I see

Eric Holder and the Justice Department can allocate resources and investigate a police shooting in Missouri. They will not investigate the IRS.  They will investigate a local crime, where the Feds have no jurisdiction, but ignore the shooting of a federal officer by Mexican drug lords who used guns provided by the Justice Department. Holder will investigate Treyvon Martin but not the Black Panthers violation of voting laws.

In Obamaland justice may be blind, but it sure isn't color blind.

A black kid shot a white cop a few weeks ago in Indy.  where is the FBI?  Maybe it is because no one "protested" by burning down the neighborhood.

August 16, 2014

In the mood

This is a pictorial representation of my mood today. I believe no further words are necessary.

August 15, 2014

Friday Music

How about those baggy clothes?  Who thought that was a good look? $1.49 for gas!

It has been a cruel summer around here.

August 14, 2014


What do you think of this?

The cynical black helicopter paranoid in me says this is just one more example of the social engineering of the sort Dewey imagined for the education system. Build the herd mentality, develop the notion where we are all the same, everyone does the same thing. THEY know best. THEY will tell you what to eat, when to play, what to play, where to work, what you will be paid. In other words, 1984 writ large. This policy squashes individualism, prepares young minds for group think.

I suspect the same mindset that envisions this is a good policy are also dead set against keeping score in the mandatory games, less someone think they win or lose. They forget that the competitive kids, even at 6 years old, know who wins, who loses, who is good at the sport and who is not. There are some non-athletic kids who struggle to make it through PE class in elementary school once a week. Imagine their reaction to organized sports every single day.

I think the education experts forget that these are kids. They need time to depressurize. There is nothing wrong with walking around the playground, looking at clouds. Imaginations are fostered in youth. Forcing everyone to do the same thing every minute of every day is the antithesis of imagination.  As Einstein quipped:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Heck, this might be a good idea. I was wrong once before.

Random Ramblings Involving Rabbits and Wet Spots and the Best Pizza I Ever Ate

For some unknown reason I woke up a little after five this morning.

That is a lie.

I know why I woke up a little after five this morning. It was get up or pee in the bed. Peeing in the bed would certainly tick off the wife. More importantly, its not my turn to sleep in the wet spot.

That is a lie.

Sort of anyway. There is no chart or revolving agreement regarding any possible wet spots.

Maybe I should just start over?

I woke up a little after five this morning and I was not able to get back to sleep. Now I am sitting at the old laptop, swilling coffee and yawning. Just typing about a yawn makes me yawn. Now you want to yawn. Weird how that works, isn't it?

Collin Cowherd is an ass. An ignorant douche bag of magnificent proportions. On Monday he proclaimed the whole Kevin Ward Jr. accident involving Tony Stewart was a result of "Southern Culture". Ward hails from New York. Stewart is from Indiana. New York is north of Canada. No one has ever confused anyone from New York as remotely Southern.  A random German stopped on the streets of Schweinfurt could tell you that. Ask anyone in the south, Hoosiers are Yankees. Not damn Yankees (the ones who come south and won't leave), but northerners nonetheless. 

I am at a loss to explain how a Sprint Car accident between two northerners embodies everything that is wrong about NASCAR and the South in general. Does the ignorant jerk Cowherd even understand that Sprint Cars are not stock cars? Cowherd, like many in the Northeast,  thinks everyone who speaks with a drawl lives down on Tobacco Road. As my man Bugs says -- "What a maroon".

I have eaten some really good pizza.

I think that about covers it.

August 13, 2014

Jimmy cracked corn

I suspect I have a serious character defect. Long time readers are pursing their lips and mumbling "just one?". Anyway, I just can't seem to summon vast amounts of tearful grief over people I don't even know.

"Robin Williams died today" says the wife.

"I heard that. What's for supper?" says I. Is it sad?, I guess.  Am I losing sleep or shedding precious tears? Not really.  Crazy Muslims beheading kids bothers me more.  I have never really understood celebrity adulation.  I was stunned to see a random woman standing at Elvis' grave at Graceland sobbing hysterically nearly a decade after the King died with his arms around a toilet. Princess Di --didn't know her.  Lauren Bacall - that sucks.  Old guy down the street who waved at me when I took a walk? Too bad. What was his name anyway? I'm sorry but for me they are but random squirrels crushed under a Goodyear down on Washington Street. I do feel bad, but I'm just not emotionally involved. Like I said, it is a character defect.

I have never cared for autographs.  I can't think of a single actor or entertainer that moved me to the point of hysteria. I saw where folks are leaving flowers and teddy bears on the steps of the home used as the set for Mrs. Doubtfire.  It was a movie people.

I guess I am missing the celebrity-worshiping gene.  I don't read People or watch TMZ.  If that is your thing, then good for you.  I am not judging. I just don't get it.

Modern Fairy Tales

I dare anyone to call me out with the lie about how Islam is the Religion of Peace. Raping and beheading little girls, decapitating small boys because they believe in a different Deity* is not the act of a good person, a purveyor of peaceful intentions. It is a sick cowardly, evil way of life. It deserves the loudest condemnation of every civilized human. Where are the representatives of the Nation of Islam, crying out that these are not true followers of the religion? Where are the Imams, and the everyday acolytes, preaching out and speaking out from the Mosques in disgust and outrage?

I bet if Christians were committing the foul deeds we see every day in Iraq and throughout much of the Muslim world, the airwaves would be filled with frantic hysterical stories. But since this is what the followers of Mohamed do, then it is not news, just another day under Sharia Law. It is the daily embodiment of the old journalism school adage -- it is not a story when a dog bites a man...

*not really, just a different version.  The actions prove the Muslim butchers are no more than ignorant goat fuckers.

August 12, 2014

Peace in our time

Hey, remember when The Obama was so wonderful he got a Nobel Peace Prize just for saying he would make the world a better place?

I would venture the state of the world is far worse than in the waning days of Bush's presidency and the full effect of our cut and run policy withdrawal from Afghanistan has yet to come to fruition.

Obama may not have improved our foreign policy, but his golf swing looks better every day.
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